AMP is an online music archive with a World-Wide readership. Since its inception in the spring of 1997, AMP has been visited by nearly eight million readers.

During the first two years of existence, AMP appeared on line promptly on the first day of each month. Since this is not a traditional form of print media, we did some brainstorming. Why wait a month to get news on albums, artists, and important music related information? Why not get the information while it is happening - immediately?

Instead of only being able to access a select group of articles, as in the old monthly format, we now present every interview, article, and review ever published in AMP. There are nearly 900 reviews covering the latest acoustic, ambient, bluegrass, classical, Celtic, electronica, world music, jazz, fusion, avant garde releases, and dozens of interviews with some of the most influential musician/composers of our time.

We hope that you will find this online publication useful and informative, as well as entertaining. From all of us at AMP, thanks for visiting our site.


Ben Kettlewell, Editor


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