ampAs for guidelines, there are just a few basics. The first thing I should mention, is that this is a non-profit magazine. Whatever you read in AMP is contributed, in every sense of the word. At this point, we have no paying advertisers like print media or websites that sell music or services. AMP is strictly a labor of love, to create awareness of the wealth of great music that is overlooked by mainstream media.

Reviews should be 3 to 4 paragraphs or 5-600 words maximum.Try to avoid writing about equipment and tech related subjects. If possible, list sources for obtaining the album, artists web site, email address, distributors, etc. Always include label, catalog number and year of release for cd reviews. Please check with me before you submit a review to make sure someone else hasn't written one on the same album. Feature articles and interviews are also welcome.

Full credit will be given to the author for reviews and other articles that are included in AMP, as well as rights to reprint the article elsewhere.That about wraps it up. If the idea of writing for AMP intrigues you, please reply. Many thanks for your interest in Alternate Music Press.

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