Saints & SinnersMollie O’Brien and Rich Moore
Saints and Sinners
September 14, 2011
Remington Road Records

When it came to picking songs for their debut studio album as a duo, Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore knew exactly what they needed. “We wanted to find great tunes that nobody had heard,” Mollie says.

Saints and Sinners is filled with classic folk, gospel, American blues and show tunes by Tom Waits, Jesse Winchester, Harry Nilsson, Richard Thompson and George Harrison -- crowned with the rare Mollie-penned songs, “New Boots” and “Mighty Close To Heaven” and Rich’s lilting instrumental, “Cuba.”

The title track, an exceptional, hymn-like tune, embodies the cast of characters Mollie and Rich inhabit. “Some of the people in these songs have pretty sorry personalities,” Mollie says, pointing out the assortment of losers, gamblers, criminals and schemers. Working with producers Ben Winship and Eric Thorton, the couple created richly woven textures with tuba, bouzouki, accordion, fiddle, trumpet, trombone, oboe, and steel guitar. To pull it off they enlisted an all-star cast of musicians including The Subdudes’ John Magnie, Mollie’s brother Tim O'Brien, Brad Goode, Glenn Taylor and E-Tones drummer Christian Teele. With sounds of ragtime, jazzy blues, Dixieland, tango and saloon cabaret -- it is the definition of Americana music.

Saints and Sinners marks a return for Mollie, whose last nationally distributed album, Things I Gave Away, was released on venerable Sugar Hill Records in 2000. Longtime fans are already singing the praises of Saints & Sinners. “Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore are two national musical treasures,” says legendary roots rocker Dave Alvin. “They are truly among the best out there keeping American music alive and vital.” Celebrated songwriter Darrell Scott calls Saints & Sinners a “sure and honest recording of Saturday nights and Sunday mornings that runs as deep as family.”

Mollie and Rich will be touring with the release, including an album release show in their Denver hometown at Swallow Hill.

Track Listing:
1. Keep it Clean (Charley Jordan)
2. New Boots (Mollie O’Brien/Rich Moore/Ben Winship)
3. Losers (Dave Van Ronk)
4. The Ghost of You Walks (Richard Thompson)
5. Lonely for Awhile (Jesse Winchester)
6. Dead and Lovely (Tom Waits)
7. Saints and Sinners (David Francey)
8. Everything I’ve Got (Rodgers and Hart)
9. Don’t Bother Me (George Harrison)
10. I’m Shakin’ (Rudy Toombs)
11. Mighty Close to Heaven (Coats/O’Brien)
12. Think About Your Troubles (Harry Nilsson)
13. Cuba (Rich Moore)



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