David PrestonDave Preston
Soundtrack For Motion
Release Date: June 1, 2011
Label: Iedima Records

Dave Preston's ambient debut album, "BE" carried charting success and continues to grow. Now, the highly anticipated sophmore release from Dave Preston, "Soundtrack For Motion" features ambient music giant MINGO with various other cast and characters.

The second ambient release from Denver-based guitarist Dave Preston, "Soundtrack For Motion" is a meditation of motion and movement in all it's forms, both physical or metaphysical. Preston mines the terrain where
ambient, experimental and minimalism converge.

Dave produces tones that rarely betray their origin on the electric guitar as they are processed, delayed, distorted and looped to create complex harmonies and timbres.

The marvels of modern technology sustain the sound of a picked string, or transform a strummed chord into a soft shimmering wave that rises and falls out of nowhere. As he did in his ambient debut "Be", Preston intricately weaves uncommon intensity and passion into the sonic landscape and manages to accomplish something rare: ambient music that is capable of a wide range of feelings.

From the transcendent "Blind Lovers Hand In Hand", the near sacred rage of "The Blood In Your Veins, and the wailing of "A Giant Leap Of Faith" to the "Blade Runner" atmospherics of "Spinning Away From The Earth" (a collaboration with Mingo), "Soundtrack To Motion" shows signifigant growth and maturing of Preston as an ambient artist. I apprecitate the precision of Dave's playing. The quality and emotiveness of the compositions will definitely give the listener a thirst for more of his work. Dave has produced a masterpiece of guitar atmospherics containing some of the most beautiful, lush, slow-moving textures you will ever encounter, here on Soundtrack For Motion.

Track Listing:
1. Skies (feat. Sam Gathman)
2. Blind Lovers Hand In Hand (feat. Glowing House)
3. The Blood In Your Veins
4. Flashing Emergency Lights
5. A Giant Leap of Faith (feat. Amidei)
6. I Am Sorry
7. Spinning Away From the Earth (feat. Mingo)
8. Your Reflection In the Water
9. Sweet Sound of Escape
10. Feeling God Has Left You (feat. Sam Gathman)
Total Length: 53:01

Review by Ben Kettlewell


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